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10K Gold Victorian Agate and Pearl Star Pendant


This impressive bull's eye agate cabochon pendant from the Victorian era has soft lines of deep dark green, white and brown with a star up top. The agate stone was originally a brooch, but has since been converted into a beautiful pendant set into 10K gold with a 14 karat gold bale. 

The agate stone dates back to the 1880s or Victorian era. Also known as Orbicular Agate, is is connected to the star sign of Libra, and the moon. It is a stone that has been historically known to have healing qualities, cleansing spaces and people of negative energies. Queen Victoria made agate stone popular when she came back from her trip to Scotland. The deeply saturated stones that were so abundant in the north became souvenirs of a journey and later turned into special amulets. The energy charge of this pendant is surely present!

The agate stone measures approximately 1 inch by 5/8 of an inch and 1/2 an inch deep. A small seed pearl is set into a 10K gold star the center, classic Victorian imagery for a lovely pendant like this. In the symbolic and secret language of the Victorians the pearl gemstone was associated with tears or innocence, and the star form was a symbol of all things feminine and celestial. Here, the star is also an octagram, or an 8 pointed star, symbol for super-abundance, and also used to represent the cardinal directions for the eight principal winds. The gold star has been delicately carved, and reveals some superb craftsmanship.

There is a slight craze to the pearl gemstone but this can only be seen with a loop. This lets you know that it's an original antique pearl. The pearl is nicely set into a yellow gold octagram, adding an additional spark to complement the 10K twisted gold frame around the bull's eye agate stone. The pendant is not marked but has been acid tested. The pendant is ready to hand on the chain of your choice. We have many chains available through our store at Kirsten's Corner, seen here on a 9K gold belcher chain. 

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