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Victorian 18K Gold, Ruby, Diamond & Emerald, Woven Belt Buckle Bracelet


This Victorian buckle bracelet is made of vibrant round faceted rubies, rose cut diamonds and light green emeralds with a woven 18K yellow gold cuff. The bracelet is a lovely variation of a belt. Buckle bracelets were a popular design during the Victorian era. This bracelet has been particularly splendidly hand-made, with an incredible elaborate weave that can be fully appreciated with a loop. The bracelet weighs 66 grams and measures 10-1/4 inches in length, with the 18 karat gold weave being 9 inches by 7/8 of an inch. It will fit a wrist of  6 3/4 to 8" as it is adjustable. The buckle is made of 14 karat gold on the back and sterling silver on the front and is roughly 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". The belt woven segment of the bracelet has been acid tested to 18 karats of yellow gold. It has a superb solid feel and weight, and wonderfully fluid. The bracelet is not marked but has been acid tested. The colors of the bracelet are very saturated- from the deep pink rubies to the yellow gold. It is a classic Victorian piece, in great condition for its age.

The bracelet features 16 diamonds, arranged in descending order, made to fit the shape of the buckle. Measurements for the rose cut diamonds range from approximately 2.3mm to 3.5mm. The 9 round faceted rubies are at center stage, measuring and ranging approximately from 3.6mm to 5mm in size with a total carat weight of approximately 3 carats. The 6 round emeralds measure 3.8mm and are bead set on a sterling silver bar that opens and closes, acting as the securing clasp. There are approximately 1.2 carats of these light green emeralds. The rose cut diamond can not be approximated in the setting.

This bracelet is a beautiful statement, a fine example of excellent craftsmanship from the Victorian era. It feels wonderful to wear and will add beauty to any wrist.



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